How to buy from auction

1) Contact Trendy Information

To begin Please fill in your name and contact information followed by the type of car that you are looking for on our contact form. A sales representative will inform you about the availability, market prices as well as total operation cost. You will also be given access to our Japanese auto auction search engine.


2) Get auction access

You will have limited access to the auction search engine. Once you have found the car of your choice,we will provide you more details of such car(s).


3) Make Deposit

Before you start bidding at Japanese auctions,we must receive a totally refundable deposit of(100,000 JPY) forwarded to our bank acount via Telegraphic transfer or via Paypal Please note that all transfer fees must be covered by the sending party. if you wish to request a refund, we will grant your refund within 2 business days of your original request.


4) Bidding

Once you have colected all the necessary information about the car of your choice,you can then proceed with the bidding process through the use of the auction system provided to you.Place your maximum bid and a sales representative will inform you about the result of the auction.


5) Making payment after a successful bid(win)

If you were successful in winning the bid at auction a Pro forma invoice will be issued.Your sales representative will inform you of the soonest available vessel departing to your nearest port. Shipping arrangements will be made after we have confirmed your payment.


6) Shipping arrangements

When the vessel departs from the port(Japan), we will mail you all necessary documents needed for you to import the car with ample enough time before the vessel reaches your port of destination.